The Need to Go Green

Powered by a safe and eco-friendly rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, the PatGear scooter emits neither air pollution nor greenhouse gases during operation. It’s good for both your health and for the environment.

The Need for Higher Energy Efficiency

A personal transportation makes more sense for many occasions in your daily life. While a petrol-fueled car can only move you 10 kilometers on 5RM of fuel, you can travel more than 700 kilometers with that same money on an PatGear scooter.

Need for Portability and Versatility

The PatGear scooter is lightweight, foldable and compact. It can be taken with you wherever: stored easily under an office desk, in a gym locker, under a coffee shop chair, by your feet on a commuter train/metro or even several into a car trunk. It’s perfect for extending your last miles after taking public transit or distant parking

Need for Anywhere Charging

The PatGear scooter can be charged via a standard electric outlet at home, in the office or at a coffee shop. Fewer fueling stops mean fewer interruptions to your life

The Need for an Effortless Ride

Riding an PatGear scooter requires significantly less exertion than biking or walking, so you can feel the breeze without breaking a sweat, and still look and smell fresh on arrival.

Need for Simple Joy

The PatGear scooter rides at a perfect pace for you to enjoy and interact with surroundings, effortlessly. It brings fun to your daily commutes and livens up your weekend trips to parks and beaches. Its unique style is sure to turn heads and break the ice.

Need for Safety and Full Control

The PatGear scooter’s low centre-of-gravity design makes it easy to learn and safe to ride. You have handlebars to hold on to and a physical brake to slow it down so you always have full control.

Need for Swiftness

No matter in-door or out-door, just hop on and off for a quick coffee run, a supermarket stop, or a visit to the far end of your office building or campus. Skip parking lot detours and go straight to your destination.

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